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Rasa Raja Investment Opportunity

The Rasa Raja property is located just outside the city of Manado, on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi, adjacent to Hotel Sedona Manado. Its seafront location on the Sulawesi Sea offers direct boat access to the Bunaken National Marine Park, world-famous among divers for its unique, pristine under-water world with its vertical drop-offs and caves. North Sulawesi offers spectacular tropical landscapes with volcanic influences and authentic Indonesian villages with their friendly people.

The property is about 4 hectares in size and has been partly developed with three cottages, fishponds and a tennis court. The land title is owned by the PT Rasa Raja, which is a 100% foreigner owned PMA company (Penanaman Modal Asing).

The PT Rasa Raja has a vision to develop the property into a boutique resort, catering primarily to couples vacationing without (small) children. The idea is to develop a resort with some 33 suites in 14 cottages. Common facilities of the resort will include swimming pool, gym and spa facilities, restaurant/bar, tennis court, dive centre, jetty and harbor for boat berthing. Architectural designs of gardens and structures will incorporate the best ideas and features used in the world-class resorts of South-East Asia, e.g. in Bali, Thailand, Malaysia and the Philippines. Interior and exterior designs will feature fine stone carvings and woodcarvings of Javanese and Balinese artisans.

Some high-level design ideas have already been sketched up -